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In this section of the web site, we get out of the kitchen and into the world. As bakers, we care about what we cook and the people we feed. That concern is not new. Bakers have been making bread for thousands of years, and in some societies the word for bread is the same as the word for life itself. Bakers have been keeping entire societies fed for most of Western history. But today, one sixth of the Earth's population is chronically hungry, despite our ability to grow more wheat per acre than any time in history. How did humanity get so smart, so rich and so hungry at the same time?

To answer that question, this part of the website goes out into the world to discover how we eat now, how we were fed in the past, and what is likely to happen in the future. The articles provide clear overviews of each issue, with references in highlighted text. There is also a links section for people who want to dig deeper, listing useful websites, books and articles. This area is particularly useful for students doing term papers on hunger and global food issues. You can add your own suggestions to these sections, so please share your wisdom.

How we feed ourselves is constantly changing, of course. Every year there are new crop failures, bumper crops, famines and surpluses. To help you keep on top of what's happening right now, you can visit our Hunger in the News section. It features links to current articles from many different websites and newswires. This, too, is a good resource for students who want to know what is happening right now around the world.

One of the reasons so many people are hungry today is that governments safely assume that their voters don't understand the issues, and don't care. The politicians are right to some extent. Most people don't know what's going on, and it seems that people far away go hungry because of bad weather, or their own poor planning. The reality is quite different, as these articles explain. The more of us who understand these issues better, the easier it will be for the public to pressure our governments to do the right thing so no one has to be hungry when so many of us are overfed. Bakers have always cared about how we eat. Now it's time to care about how the whole world eats.

Steve the Bread Guy